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EasyPrep Gel & PCR Extraction Kit, 4rxns

For DNA purification from agarose gel and from PCR reactions.
Free if reviewed.
€ 5,00

EasyPrep Gel & PCR Purification Kit provides a fast, simple, and high-effective DNA purification from agarose gel and from PCR reactions. DNA fragments can be retrieved from TAE or TBE. The kit is suitable for PCR clean-up and gel filtration. Recovery of the DNA is up to more than 80%. The DNA purified by this kit is of high quality and may serve as an excellent template for restriction enzyme digestion, PCR analysis, sequencing, genomic DNA library, DNA ligation and transformation procedures.

More info on manufacturer's site

The trial version (for 4 reactions) of this kit is available for risk-free testing. If you submit your review after the testing, the test kit will be entirely free for you.

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