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Tools Biotech is a Taiwanese company manufacturing and selling a selection of products for different applications of bioresearch, mostly molecular biology and immunology. The major groups of their products are CRISPR related reagents, nucleic acids and proteins extraction kits, lentiviral products, reagents for PCR, protein purification and Western blot.

 The most interesting, in our opinion, Tools Biotech products are:

  • Cas9 and Cpf1 Proteins. They are widely used in CRISPR genome editing technologies. TOOLS provides three types of genome-editing protein: wtCas9, eSpCas9 1.1 and AsCpf1. The latter exhibits higher efficiency, specificity and undetectable off-target effect.
  • HE Swift Cloning Kit, both advanced and inexpensive positive selection system for the highest efficiency cloning of PCR products generated with Pfu DNA polymerase, Taq DNA polymerase, or other thermo-stable DNA polymerases.
  • TOOLSmart RNA Extractor, the RNA extraction reagent containing an indicator, with increased lysis ability and sensitivity.

Tools Biotech also offers common reagents like ECL substrate, protease inhibitor cocktails or DNA/protein markers. These products may be used as economical alternatives to their analogs from more famous brands. Besides common nucleic acids and proteins extraction kits, Tools Biotech now offers some special kits like Buccal Swab and Saliva DNA Kit, Stool Genomic DNA kit, Marine DNA Kit or Polyphenol Plant DNA Extraction Kit.

Some of Tools Biotech products are offered for testing under our TRY AT NO RISK program.

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