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The following products of Tools Biotech are available for ordering under our TRY AT NO RISK program:

Cat.No.ProductPrice EUR*In stock

TOOLS Plasmid Mini kit 4 rxns
for purification of plasmid DNA

5.00** YES
TT-B14 EasyPrep Gel & PCR Extraction Kit 4rxns
for DNA purification from agarose gel and from PCR reactions
5.00** YES
A nucleic acid stain, EtBr replacement
7.50** YES
DPT-BD24 TOOLSmart RNA Extractor, 100 ml
A reagent for extraction of total RNA from natural samples. No dangerous components. Contains indicator.
95.00 YES

* The price does not include shipment. You only pay if the product met your expectation. If not, instead of payment you produce a short report describing why the product did not meet your expectations.

** You may not pay for the product and shipment if you submit to us any meaningful review longer than 5 words.

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