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Many of our suppliers are not very well known. They offer the products with very good price to quality relationship. However, many people are beware of ordering because they are not sure the product offered by us will be as good as a more expensive analog from another vendor which they are used to.

We understand it. And to convince you, we invite you to try some of the products of our suppliers AT NO RISK.

 How it works: 
  1. Please choose a product you are interested to try from the list (the lists are accessible from this page and from relevant suppliers' pages)
  2. Order the product(s).
  3. Receive the ordered product(s) and our invoice with the extended term of payment of 60 days.
  4. Test the product(s) in your application
If the product performed well,
  1. Pay our invoice
  2. (optionally) Write a review about your experience and receive a credit of €50 if you authorize us to publish your review and some information on you on our site or €20 if you do not want it to be published (in the latter case it may only be shared with the manufacturer without mentioning your name and affiliation). The credit may be used for full or partial payment against the invoice for the test products. In the case of trial size products (of the price under €10), you do not need to pay anything if you submitted the review. The minimum length of a review is 5 words but it should be meaningful (neither "Wow,  great!" nor "Total crap!" would be accepted)
If the product did not perform well,
  Describe what you did not like and receive from us a credit note for whole value of our invoice, so you do not need to pay anything. Your review will be passed to the manufacturer without mentioning your name and affiliation.
Conditions of the program:
  • The TRY AT NO RISK program is open to the end users from EU/EEC countries. The inquiries from other countries will be considered on case-by-case basis.
  • The volume of a single order is restricted by the value of €200 exclusive shipment, and you may place the next order only after the previous is closed (we received the payment or a negative review). The number of orders is not limited but you can only try any particular product on NO RISK conditions once.

Please check the products offered under TRY AT NO RISK program by supplier:

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