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British company Ichorbio's main product line is low endotoxin antibodies tailored for in vivo studies. Such antibodies are depleted of endotoxin and other factors which may cause side effects in live organisms.

Ichorbio low endotoxin antibodies conform to following specification:

  • Purity > 95%
  • Endotoxin ≤ 0.5 EU/mg
  • Ultra-low levels of leached Protein A
  • Mouse pathogen tested
    Contains no preservatives or carrier proteins
  • Sterile PBS pH 7.2 – No K or Ca

The main application of these antibodies is in vivo functional studies in such fields as oncology, neuroscience, inflammation or cardiovascular biology. They can also be used in usual applications not requiring in vivo compatibility such as WB, FC, IF or IHC. This product line includes antibodies against the targets most popular among in vivo researches including such molecules like PD-1 / PD-L1, CTLA-4 or HLA-DP. This product line is polished with a series of optimized for in vivo use isotype controls.

All antibodies are produced in bulk, therefore their standard pack sizes are up to 100 mg and, despite sophisticated purification, the prices are quite affordable, starting from USD 100 per 1 mg.

The second important product line is humanized recombinant antibodies. Currently, Ichorbio has about 40 products analogous to known therapeutic antibodies. These antibodies are manufactured under cGMP.

Ichorbio also offers in vivo Antibody labeling kits that allow researchers to conjugate our low endotoxin and biosimilar antibodies to six different near-infrared dyes: CF® 670, CF® 700, CF® 790, CF® 800, CF® 820.

Ichorbio's  advantages over the competition are lower prices, no surcharges for commercial customers and top class support.

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