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The main product line of Lumiprobe, an international company with headquarter in Russia, is reactive biological dyes intended for insertion of chromo- and fluorophores in biological molecules. Lumiprobe offers reactive derivatives of the dyes like AF (identical to Alexa Fluor), BDP, cyanines, FAM, ROX, TAMRA with reactive moieties like NHS esters, azydes, alkynes, maleimides, hydrazides, carboxy- or amino-. All reagents are of top quality and priced very reasonably.

Beside dyes, Lumiprobe offers other products for chemical modification of biomolecules: CLICK chemistry aides and crosslinkers (including PEG based) as well as molecular biology reagents (nucleic acids isolation / purification kits, modified triphosphates, phosphoramidites, CPG solid supports).  Lumiprobe also has ready kits for DNA/RNA isolation, antibody labeling, DNA and protein quantification. 

A big advantage of Lumiprobe is its customer-friendly service. Most products are available from European stock (availability can be checked online) and deliveries are very fast, in most cases the next business day after placement of the order. Shipping of all orders above €400 is free. All unopened products can be unconditionally returned with full refund. Lumiprobe's web site is very well organized, informative and convenient in use. We guarantee that for orders placed with us the prices will be equal to Lumiprobe's EU Web prices, with special benefits for both our loyal customers and the newcomers. We also assure that if worthwhile, shipments will be made to you directly from Lumiprobe's German warehouse, so in most cases the lead time will be the same as for direct customers.

Unless you apply for discount, there is no need to ask us for a quotation. Just send us your purchase order and you will be charged at Lumiprobe's web prices.

Free evaluation samples are available for most products, please inquire us if you need any.

As overwhelming majority of the products is made in-house, they are available in bulk quantities with good discounts (please inquire). The company can also consider custom process development and manufacturing projects.

Everybody who read this page, independently on location, is entitled to a 5% discount for all Lumiprobe products until the end of 2020. Just copy the promo code RHDMLJES5 and either mention it when placing the order with us or use it on Lumiprobe web store.

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